T Shirt Printing for Business

The Benefits of T Shirt Printing for Businesses

printed-tshirtFor every physical business there are two online ones, and although the internet plays host to one of the largest volumes of companies in the world – there’s no denying that the real world is just as over-crowded as far as companies are concerned. It’s these types of businesses that stand to benefit the most from physical marketing efforts such as leaflets, business cards and promo products.

As far as the latter type is concerned, t shirt printing has proven to be one of the most invaluable advertising solutions available to companies

With thousands of graphic artists offering t shirt design services, not to mention a host of companies actively employing them, it’s no wonder why so many commercial enterprises are reaping the rewards offered by this type of marketing.

Now, you might be wondering what it is that makes these marketing endeavours so effective.

The key to marketing

The first and most important rule of marketing is to know your audience. The majority of the world’s population will rely on clothing on a daily basis and as a result, it’s an accepted presence. Much like big businesses use a font called Helvetica to promote many of their products (a font that is used on bus signs, banners and other items that people grow up with), many others rely on a comforting presence to help them to put their customers at ease.

T shirts come in all shapes and sizes, and regardless of how extreme their marketing and sponsorship might be, subconsciously people accept the sight of them without question. From a marketing perspective, this is a huge advantage. What it means for a company is that they can equip their own staff with branded garments that not only help to promote their services; but also aid in unifying the appearance of their company.

Are these types of shirts expensive?

The cost of custom printed t-shirts will depend on the printing company and the quality of each garment. It makes a lot more sense to opt for a durable material that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort and so cotton is often used, with higher percentages being the more preferred. In most instances, printing companies will offer discounts for customers that require bulk orders.

How beneficial can personalised t shirts be?

On top of helping to unify a companies’ image whilst promoting a brand name, there’s also the potential to further customise garments for use away from the company-environment. For example, there are many agencies out there that enjoy nothing more than creating exclusively designed items of clothing to hand out as promotional material to their customers; and as these items are worn, the publicity will soon speak for itself.

Retail companies can also stand to benefit from these types of clothing, especially those that offer boutique services and exclusive products. Many aspiring designers turn to printing facilities to help them to create stunning garments for kids and adults – in fact some of the most well-known retail outlets rely on these screen printing services on a daily basis.

Ordering custom t shirts online doesn’t have to be something restricted to businesses however, in fact many start-up companies and sole traders take full advantage of these features to promote their own artwork, or sell their own products. As printing services are often able to cater to one-off prints, as well as those that may number in their hundreds; there’s no such thing as too-small a project (or too large for that matter).

And what about those hoping to design their own shirts for personal uses?

Thanks to the aforementioned facilities, it’s never been easier to make your own t-shirt and wear it proudly around the house, or anywhere else! Although this can be a greatly enjoyable activity, there’s no denying that the attention that these types of garments can draw for an individual can be even more prominent for a company – and this is the main reason why so many use this marketing technique.

Even big brands like McDonalds rely on their printed shirts to promote their products, with special events being celebrated with heat-treated shirt printing features and regular day to day activities still making full use of the company logo and colour scheme. Team this with a slogan, or even the employee’s name, to really take personal sales to a whole new level.